Company Approach

Equal develops innovative, appropriate and cost-effective solutions to projects and encourages compatible working relationships with like-minded people. We apply an integrated team approach, maintaining close communication with our clients through a single point of contact.

The majority of Equal’s project leads are directly from client references.


Project Approach

With the appropriate project team in place we commence the iterative design
development process through the following phases.

Review [RIBA Brief Development]
We audit the project status and work together to understand and agree project aims and aspirations. This is carried out alongside the parameters of the existing site and building services.

Create [RIBA Concept Design]
We propose an initial outline of the project content alongside the spatial design, access requirements and communication media.

Evolve [RIBA Scheme Design]
We enhance the team with additional specialists to develop proposals in more detail against an allocated budget.

Define [RIBA Detail Design]
We define the final design elements enabling information to go to tender or negotiated contract.

Enable [RIBA Implementation]
We co-ordinate the fit out with the contractor and client representatives

This process closely follows RIBA work stages for any architect-led projects.