Creating Teams

Equal creates specialist, compatible teams to design, manage and implement a broad range of projects alongside our in-house resource.

A project team is formalised following a full understanding of the client’s available skills to ensure both technical expertise and suitability of personnel.

Appropriate team members are selected from extensive contacts developed over 25 years in the design industry. These skills may include writers, researchers, graphic designers, av specialists, lighting designers, sound designers, software developers, interactive designers, project managers etc.

James Dibble

James is one of the UK’s leading museum designers, master-planners and design managers. He graduated with a first in Interior Architecture and developed his creative, technical and production skills whilst at London agency Imagination. In 1992 he left to form Land Design Studio.

Equal Studio was set up in 2008 to advance his design and management skills developing specialist teams on projects in both the cultural and commercial sectors.
James’s ability to understand and analyse a brief and translate this into a quality finished product has resulted in many award-winning projects not just from a design aspect but as importantly in visitor accessibility, whether in a museum gallery, trade show, temporary exhibition or corporate interior.